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Maximilian Weidenbach
David Chazarenc

Maximilian Weidenbach

About Maximilian
I am a doer. I develop concepts on-the-go and thereby achieve quick successes. As a passionate lead guitarist, I can meet the needs of musicians and feel at home in any genre. At the age of 60 I will fulfill my dream of having my own recording studio, until then I will use my technical know-how to support our artists in the implementation of new projects. Whether Woodstock or Waldbühne, A-Trane or Blue Note, I find the right venue for our musicians.

I prefer to develop fresh ideas and concepts during a hike in the Thuringian Forest. My second home is the kitchen, where I like to develop my creativity. Spotify once told me, "Congratulations, you have a great collection, there's no room left in "Your Music". If you want to save new songs, you'll need to delete some old songs first." Since then I've doubled my CD and vinyl collection.

Internship Mittelrheinhalle Andernach as well as wedding / event agency

Studied musicology and intercultural music and event management in Weimar and Jena

Internship and concert organization Güldener Herbst - Festival Alter Musik

Project Assistance and Event Management at the German Choral Association for chor.com 2015 and Chorfest Stuttgart 2016

autonomous planning and implementation of public events

DJ and producer in the field of house and disco

David Chazarenc

About David
I am not a matchmaker, but always looking for people who belong together. I'm not an inventor, but always looking for an artistic vision. I'm not a detective but always looking for the missing puzzle piece. I am a passionate mediator. Five years of experience as an artist & project manager combined with the fresh motivation of a newcomer make me the ideal partner for creatives. Having grown up in the music world, my professional focus is here.

When I'm not on the phone, I'm probably improving the world over a home-made pizza with friends or working on my world championship table football title.

Internship in event management at Kulturzentrum Burghof Lörrach

Studied musicology, cultural management & business communication in Weimar, Jena and Bordeaux

Project Assistance & Festival Production Kurt Weil Fest Dessau

Mediation & Consulting in the artist mediation weim | art

Internship in the artist department at Konzertdirektion Schmid Hannover

artist management

Whether general management or marketing consulting, at Artwire you will be personally and competently looked after. Professional servicing ensures smooth workflows for your performances and open, direct communication for the best communication between all involved. Artwire offers perfectly adapted management for everyone from the soloist to the artist collective.

project management

You have an ingenious event idea and are looking for a reliable partner for the implementation? Here you are exactly right: Artwire managed projects of all kinds and divisions, from the opening of the exhibition on the crossover concert to the gala. Much experience and creative solutions guarantee ideal preparation and successful events.

Artwire projects

Here is a selection of projects that Artwire has successfully initiated and implemented.


Networking of art scholars & students from all over Germany

SyncTank is a forum and network for the next generation of cultural management. Once a year, students and newcomers come together to develop utopias and develop scenarios for a sustainable cultural industry. From the opera house to the street art collective, SyncTank deals with topics such as finance, cultural policy, value change and alternative formats. SyncTank connects young cultural managers from all over Germany and unites their ideas and interests for the future of the industry.


Mini - classical music festival

An event format that creates connections: At Klangrausch classical music sounds together with other musical styles, the concert hall and living room atmosphere are combined and the electro party complements the chamber music evening. This creates a new space for music between the club and the Philharmonic, inspiring people to listen to music they are not otherwise in touch with. Above all, Klangrausch means a lot of music for little money and lots of fun.